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Two Podyoke' Online HTML5 fits to browser sample games. Browsers must support HTML5 and Javascript. Trouble Loading? Reloading or refreshing the browser a few times may help, as in the case for Kindle 10.

April 10, 2020
New: Point popups, buttons, sounds and new character added.

March 6, 2020
FIXED: Yellow Redo button link restarts correct game.
NEW: Launching pellets while moving by double tap/clicking the nav buttons.
NEW: Flies have a new annoying feature.
Arriving soon: Horizontal game play area.

Instructions: Help the Pea'ple back into their pod. Nudge the Pea'ple to move them. Collect the water pellets and toss at bugs and Pea'ple to get them moving faster.


  • Use keyboard, mouse or touch.
  • Use WSAD, arrow keys or on screen buttons to move.
  • Use the right mouse button, left screen button or space bar to toss water pellets.

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